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How to maintain the mobile conveyor
  Any conveying machinery needs regular maintenance. Only in the correct use and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. Only in this way can we ensure the normal use of the conveyor and extend the service life of the conveyor accordingly. The following and you talk about the maintenance and use of mobile conveyor need to pay attention to a few points.
  Mobile conveyor
  Please operate according to the normal operation procedure when using the mobile conveyor, and always observe whether there is any abnormal condition of the mobile conveyor. In case of any abnormality, please shut down the machine in time for inspection, and operate after troubleshooting.
  In the process of use, it is strictly prohibited to start the mobile conveyor with heavy load. Before feeding, the main engine should be started before feeding; before starting, check whether there is too much residual material in the barrel. In order to meet the requirements of no-load start-up of the screw machine, the conveyor should stop feeding before stopping, and stop running after the materials in the shell are completely exhausted. These points seem to be very easy to ignore. We should pay attention to it.
  In addition, when disassembling the mobile conveyor, please remember the sequence clearly. When assembling at one side, it can be combined in the reverse order. The running direction of the screw and feeding screw of the machine should be in accordance with the direction sign and strictly in the opposite direction. Here we introduce the use of mobile conveyor and precautions are not very comprehensive, but we think it is more important, we hope to draw attention to a few points. You can contact us if you need a complete process of using conveyor.